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Today, Jason Michael Thomas of Urban AG Indy joined us to prepare a Maitake Mushroom Vegetable Soup and sauteéd Lion’s Mane Mushrooms with a Butter Sauce.

We should eat more mushrooms to have better health, and maitakes are helpful in our battles against diabetes, hypertension, cancer and in general boost the immune system.

Expensive extracts and powders are used by many! Also a nice addition to a vegan or vegetarian diet. Here’s more from him:

Lion’s Mane mushrooms are said to help with dementia, anxiety, depression and the healing of the nervous system including injuries to the brain and spinal column and a study showed that rats given lions Mane after a stroke healed faster than those without it. 

Lion’s Mane is similar in flavor and texture to lobster and crab. It’s a true delicacy.

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