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Schwinn Bicycles is celebrating 125th Anniversary! Anthony Barr, the Mobile Cyclist tells us the exciting way they’re celebrating, and some interesting places in Indiana you can go for a ride.

Cycling is extremely popular right now with bikes sold out almost everywhere. Here are some trails you should try:

Vandalia Greenway Trail (Partial):  Plainfield, IN

Trails:  Safe for All Ages, Amenities (Food/Rest), Gets People Exploring  & Exercising

Highlights along Plainfield section of trail:

 “Amo, IN” (Play): 

Amo à Coatsville à Greencastle section

“Crushed Gravel”: (Play)

Points of Interest & Food: 

Find more info and ways to support the area here.

Schwinn is an iconic American bike brand many generations know and love. Many folks either owned a Schwinn or still do. To mark their anniversary, Schwinn is launching a new retro version of their classic “Schwinn Collegiate.” It’s based on their classic 50s & 60s best seller, the“Collegiate Deluxe.”

The bike is designed in Madison, Wisconsin and hand built in Detroit.

Fun Fact: SCHWINN Started in Chicago, Illinois 125 yrs ago!   

2020 Schwinn “Collegiate” Details:

How/Where you can buy the 2020 Schwinn Collegiate:

Find more from Barr on his website.