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Cinnamon Rolls as big as your head (or bigger), can you believe it!?

Main & Madison is located at 100 N Main St, Franklin, IN 46131.

Amy Richardson and Stephanie Northern or Ashley Schultz, co-owners of Main & Madison Market Café, joined us Thursday on “Life.Style.Live!” to show us how their Brioche Cinnamon Rolls and Pepperoni Pizza Croissants are prepared. Here’s more from them:

Fun Facts from Main & Madison Market Café:

Generosity Jar:

We are a fast-casual restaurant and don’t accept tips in our building. When we first opened, people would leave a dollar or so on a table when they left and we weren’t sure what to do with it (We pay our employees a fair, competitive wage and they don’t depend on tips for their wages.). We decided our first month we were open that we would use the money for good.  So we donated it to a local non-profit. We then designated a new non-profit each month to receive the “generosity” of our patrons.  What started out at about $2600 our first month has now blossomed to close to $12,000/month!   In the four years we’ve been open, we have given over $215,000 dollars to deserving non-profits. During COVID, our proceeds went to our employees because we all know how badly the shut-downs impacted food-service workers. Now once a quarter, the Generosity Jar proceeds go to our employees. 

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