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It’s time to be thinking about spring and to get those flowering bulbs in the ground before she freezes.

Carrie Petty, master gardener, joined us today to share some tips to help get your garden from fall to spring.

She says, to plant bulbs about 6” deep with the point facing up, and after a long winter you will have such a wonderful surprise come spring!

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When you’re cooking with fresh herbs there’s a lot to know that you may not realize.

Carrie Petty, master gardener, joined us today with her tips.

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With all the rain Indy has seen lately, you may be wondering what that means for your garden. Here are 5 things Carrie Petty, Master Gardener, say you should be doing for your garden right now.

  1. Never mow when it’s wet, always wait for the sun and wind to dry it out.

2. Weeds are easiest to pull after a rain but don’t spill the seeds onto the ground, or they will reseed.

3. Treat lawns now for dandelions.

4. Deadhead your Mums when blooms fade for continued abundance 5. Bring in herbs to dry for use in the fall for stews and roast chicken!

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September is one of the best months for gardening. Carrie Petty, master gardener, has tips on dividing your irises and perennials to make more blooms and prep your garden for more growth.

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Is your garden struggling right now? Recently Indiana has had such crazy weather that plants have experience significant damage.

Dry conditions followed by rain has created the perfect environment for mildew, black spot and fungus.

Carrie Petty, Master Gardener, joined us today to teach how to clean it up and get the garden looking perky again for late summer and early fall.

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Her genuine heart runs just as deep as the soil she plants! Indy Style Contributor Carrie Petty joins Amber on the Indy Style Podcast to chat about gardening during the pandemic, what gardeners should be doing RIGHT NOW and how gardening, for many, has gone from a hobby… to a passion!