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Today’s kitchen guest visited us before with Mozell Sanders and shared that he has a spectacular meatball recipe that he knew our viewers would love.

Now you can be the judge because he’s sharing the recipe. Mike Ruggiero, Mozel Sanders Foundation board member and Alexis Ruggiero, his daughter, joined us today to make their signature South Philly Italian Meatballs. Here’s more from Mike Ruggiero:

In South Philadelphia, every Sunday when I would return home from Massachusetts, the amazing aroma coming from a pot of Sunday gravy filled the air.

It was a sign that my Mom, Kitty Ruggiero, was making meatballs to help flavor the sauce (Note: the debate on whether it is called gravy or sauce is a favorite subject among Italians.)

She would also have Italian sausage, braciola, large pieces of beef and pork simmering in the pot for hours.

The cooking recipe for the meatballs is twofold. First, you brown the meatballs. Then you let the tomato sauce cook the rest. That is why my meatballs cannot be cooked with jarred sauce.

Knowing this, my mom would keep a few meatballs in the frying pan until they were fully cooked and let the kids eat these delicious delicacies for lunch.