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The life of “second hand luxury” is the way to go for people interested in owning designer accessories without paying the designer price tag.

Kimmie Bridges, owner of Milk + Honey Collection, joined us Tuesday on “Life. Style. Live!” to share the purpose of her store that specializes in selling used bags that have a totally new look and why you should go the second hand route when it comes to your bags and wallets. Here’s more from her:

  1. Sustainability of second hand designer items: Supporting a circular economy and expanding the lifecycle of luxury goods will ultimately continue to help the environment. More than 50% of fast fashion items are discarded after less than 1 year of use. Luxury designer items are built to last a lifetime which brings me to.
  2. Durability: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and Hermes and many other high end designer bags are built with materials that are meant to last an entire lifetime and in most cases in taken well care of, much longer. So why not save money but using a bag that has been used but doesn’t necessarily show that it’s been used, which brings me to point three.
  3. Affordability: second hand designer is typically 30-60% off of full retail. So you’re saving money while make a wise investment in a piece that you yourself will likely be able to resell for the same price (sometimes more depending on limited edition and other factors) in the future. 

 Use the discount code “lifestlyelive” to receive 10% off on Milk + Honey Collection products:

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