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ReelTok with Kayla — Melissa and Ryan Beeler have always been a playful couple. The two are married and share three children. Online, they’re famous for posting hilarious pranks. Most of the practical jokes are on each other but they’ve also included the kids.

There’s one where they are embarrassing Melissa at the airport with a sign that says “Welcome home from prison, mom!”

Then there’s the time Melissa and Ryan bought chocolate rocks to trick their kids.

The very first viral prank took some preparation. Melissa said she was saving up cardboard boxes for quite some time but it was well worth the effort!

Not every prank is flawless but Melissa said they are all fun! “These videos we make, we can look back in 10, 20, 30 years and laugh at the memories. It has just been a great experience and you never know what people are going to like and what is going to go viral or not. We just keep sharing who we are and our natural dynamic and it’s fun to build a community of people who enjoy it,” said Beeler.

Melissa told WISH-TV content creator Kayla Sullivan the kids love making videos and thinking of fun prank ideas.

“It’s a hard world out there,” said Beeler. “I think funny videos like these help them learn to laugh at things and something my mom and dad always told me growing up is people love to be around people who make you laugh.”

She hopes they pass on this playful tradition some day. Though, she did have to make a rule that these pranks stay at home!

“This year, my daughter came home and was coloring something and I was like, what is that? She said, ‘I am going to pull a prank on my teacher!’ I said no, no, we cannot pull pranks on teachers,” explained Beeler. “That is off limits, this is something our family just does at home we don’t go and do this on other people.”

Like many content creators on TikTok and Instagram, the Beeler family has been able to profit off the success of their viral videos and large following.

“My husband is a firefighter so everyone knows they are not rich. I wanted to be with my kids as much as possible so this was an unexpected surprise income. It has just really been such a blessing for our family because it has allowed me to stay home with them and support my family financially.” said Beeler.

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