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Ms. Nikki’s products are known as, “Simple, but never basic.” 

Nakilah Majors, owner of Ms. Nikki’s Hair and Body Beauty LLC., joined us today to share her story of how her brand began, what makes her products different from others and upcoming goals she has for her business. Here’s more from her:

Ms. Nikki’s Hair and Body Beauty LLC. was birthed from my own issues and frustrations that I was having with my hair. At the start of quarantine, like many women, I decided to do a big chop. What I discovered was a bald spot about the size of the palm of my hand. I was devastated. On top of all that my hair was super dry and brittle. I was embarrassed by my bald spot and too ashamed to even let my husband touch my hair. I thought about trying to cover the spot but decided that quarantine was the perfect time to do something about it. I figured the first step would be to tackle the dryness because dry hair doesn’t grow, so I began to research and I came across a single ingredient that changed my life, aloe. I bought a plant and begin to use it on my hair. 

As time went on, the product began to evolve to an all-natural whipped butter and oil.  I also used a clarifying mask on my hair that left it soft and clean. One day I realized that not only had my hair grown in, but I had full coverage! It only took about two months to achieve these results. I was reluctant to post my testimonial picture on Facebook, but I’m forever grateful that I did. By the end of the day I had my first 14 orders and Ms. Nikki’s Hair and Body Beauty LLC. was born! The butter was the first product to be sold and now we have four great products on the market, and we are adding more products in the near future. Men are growing in their bald spots, women are growing back edges that they thought were long gone, and babies are growing hair as well. Not only was the butter amazing for the hair, but it leaves the skin feeling soft, supple, and looking amazing! The butter is even bringing relief to those who suffer from skin issues such as eczema and chronic dry skin. 

Ms. Nikki’s products are all-natural and made with quality, simple ingredients that pack a sophisticated punch. Our products are nourishing to the hair and the body. It is gentle enough for babies and issues like eczema. With multiple uses, each product is more valuable than similar items on the market. Our competitors only deal with either hair or skin, but Ms. Nikki’s Butter will leave you feeling amazing from head to toe. We are transforming lives all over the U.S. by helping them achieve the results they desire for their hair and skin. 

Products include: 

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