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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Hello from the other side. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins turns 35 years old today.

Check out the video to learn five fun facts about the singer.

Today’s All Indiana Artist, Schawayna Raie, captivates audiences with her neo-soul style vocal impressions. She’s a storyteller through her vocal inflections and her writing abilities.

Schawayna began her musical journey in 2011 and is a champion to women, speaking strength, enlightenment and love.

She joined us today performing her song, “Who Will Cry.”

More about Schawayna Raie:

Schawayna Raie is an Inspirational Recording Artist known for her Neo-Soul sound. She has been labeled the Jill Scott of Gospel. Schawayna Raie is the visionary behind her brand. Schawayna Raie released her breakout album in December 2010 called Through It All. Not knowing that the album would thrust her into artistry due to its ability to reach overseas, she had to release her second album three years later. She released two albums in 2013 (No More Hiding and Remembering Christmas), which became her most successful albums to date. The release of her single Who Will Cry (for the little girl) – April 2015 gave an inside to her own personal struggle with child molestation bringing awareness to sexual assault and her newfound passion for human trafficking. Schawayna Raie has been involved with the startup of many women’s businesses through branding and strategic planning as well as her own non-profit. She has been an avid philanthropist through donations personally or fundraising through her artistry. She has been labeled the woman’s woman through her efforts in uplifting and motivating women to be their very best. Schawayna Raie is an Artist, Philanthropic, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Businesswoman. Schawayna Raie created an event to bridge her philanthropy and music together called Schawayna Raie and Friends, “A Christmas Benefits Celebration” in 2013 to celebrate the release of her Christmas album. This is a fundraising event that has donated greater than $5000 to local nonprofit organizations during Christmas. Schawayna Raie created an event called the PhenomeMOM Awards that happens each May during Mother’s Day to celebrate everyday mothers through her nonprofit Uplift Your Sister. Schawayna Raie has now partnered with a new restaurant called The Mad Griddle to give a platform for local talent to present their gifts outside of the church called Gospel Sundays. She hosts this show every Sunday since October 3, 2021, which was the launch. Schawayna Raie is a leader, singer, songwriter, philanthropist, advocate, and speaker

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Facebook: officialschawaynaraie

Twitter: schawaynaraie

Youtube: schawaynaraie

The Indianapolis Quartet is performing at the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center on Monday, November 15 at 7:30 p.m. They stopped by to give us a preview of their show performing, an excerpt of Beethoven’s String Quartet op.74 in E flat major.

The quartet includes violinists Zachary DePue and Joana Genova, violist Michael Isaac Strauss and cellist Austin Huntington.

They’re now in their sixth season and in residence at the University of Indianapolis.

There will be a limited, and socially distant, audience according to UIndy’s current COVID-19 events policies.

The concert will also be live-streamed on Twitch and broadcast live on WICR 88.7 FM.

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Classical Music Indy is a local music program on the mission to inspire people in the community through classical music.

Eric Salazar, director of communication for Classical Music Indy, and Joshua Thompson, podcast host for Classical Music Indy joined us today to share more about their organization’s latest projects.

Eric also performed his song, “Sky So Blue” from his album, “Soul Search.”

About Classical Music Indy:

Classical Music Indy is Central Indiana’s premier syndicator of Peabody-award-winning classical music radio programs, producer of 24/7 classical music streaming and award-winning podcasts, community programs provider, publisher of NOTE Magazine, and advocate for classical music and classical music-makers. Their mission is to inspire people in our community with the power of classical music. Their vision is to be the most accessible provider of high-quality classical music opportunities for audiences and artists in Central Indiana.

They play a key role in Central Indiana’s thriving local arts scene, creating the most relevant, equitable classical music content that serves as a national platform for our city’s culture with artist-led projects. Click here to learn about ways to support Classical Music Indy.

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Night Owl Country Band is celebrating Halloween and their six year anniversary this weekend! We’re glad they celebrated with us and played their newest song, “Country to the Bone” as well as their song, “Cool Gentle Wind.”

Their song “Country to the Bone’ was nationally release and hit #1 on the Top 40 Indie Radio Chart.

Their full album, “Off The Tracks” is coming to all streaming services on Oct. 31.

Today’s All Indiana Artist has had the privilege of serenading names such as Bill Gates, Wayne Brady, Liza Minnelli and Eric Dickerson among many others.

She won the Indiana State Fair talent competition as female vocalist and has since performed with various symphonies around the world.

Hall also raised twin sons when she moved to Hawaii in the 80’s, but is back home now to enjoy the Hoosier hospitality.

Anita Hall joined us today to share about her career, “nothing is impossible” attitude and to perform her beautiful song, “Amazing.”

Take a listen.

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Today’s All Indiana artist is an Americana Folk singer/songwriter with a disarming personality and a unique authenticity.

Cole Woodruff combines masterful storytelling, poignant lyrics and powerful vocals to bring a message of hope to a weary world.

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Today’s All Indiana Artist is a local alternative rock band known all over the Midwest.

They’re celebrating the one year anniversary of their first full-length album, “Paso Doble”.

Their tracks are often mysterious, and you’ll get mesmerized by their reverb guitar licks and cool vocal effects, but today they shared a more acoustic sound.

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Today’s All Indiana Artist is Andrew Young, a musician who got his start as a champion on “Star Search”!

From there, he’s sung in countless commercials and shared the stage with stars like Babyface, Brian Mcknight, Vanessa Williams and LL Cool J among many others.

He’s also had his own TV show on the WB network, and his music is so popular that he’s surpassed 1.3 million streams on Spotify.

Young is a platinum selling artist and his recent hit “Till the End of Time” resulted in more than 1 million downloads.

Today we spoke to him about his many accomplishments and got a special performance of his song, “Scars Run Deep,” which he recorded with members of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

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WAMMfest is a festival of wine, art, music and microbrews, and it’s happening on Saturday, August 21 at Craig Park in Greenwood.

Russ Dodge, media consultant for WAMMfest, and Nate Johnson, owner of Johnson’s BBQ Shack, joined us today to share what kind of food and fun you can expect at this year’s 12th annual festival.

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