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Checkers and Rally’s Fry Love Express is an enormous 43 foot trailer of “Fry Love” that travels all over the country giving away the fast-food chains’ Famous Seasoned Fries.

Dave Neil, Fry Love Express mobile marketing specialist, joined us Wednesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to discuss National Fry Day, what makes their truck so special and more!

Since just last year, the Fry Love Express has logged over 25,000 miles, attended over 100 events, spent about 175 days on the road and served our fries to over 50,000 people across the U.S.

It’s the perfect way to celebrate America’s love of the fry, especially on such occasions as National French Fry Day.

National Fry Day has always fallen on July 13 every year, but over the past few weeks, Checkers & Rally’s took a bold stand to get National Fry Day moved to always land on a Friday, and with America’s help, they’ve done it! Starting next year this will be the case.

They created a petition that thousands of fry lovers signed in support of moving the day, which could only happen with the sign-off from the National Day Calendar whose in charge of the holiday.

It will now forever land on the second Friday in July, which is July 14, 2023 next year.

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