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It seems like “Game of Thrones” has apparently suffered yet another editing gaffe in its final season. 

GoT fans will recall the blunder involving a Starbucks cup on the table during a celebration in which the actors drank from goblets and horns. 

In last night’s episode, however, the gaffe this time centered around Jaime Lannister’s hand, which had somehow regenerated! 

If you recall, Lannister, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, had his hand cut off by the enemy as he defended Brienne of Tarth from being sexually assaulted back in season 3.

When he reunited with sister Cersei (Lena Headey), she has a prosthetic hand made for him out of gold.

But last night’s episode shows an apparently real hand.

Here’s how fans reacted to the gaffe: 

CNN contributed to this report. 

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — If you think the nightmare that is tax season is over, you’ve got another think coming. 

The Internal Revenue Service is changing how you adjust your paycheck withholdings.

There will be a new W-4 form that “better incorporates the changes ushered in by the new tax law so that the amount held back for taxes in each of your paychecks,” according to USA TODAY. 

The IRS’ goal is for taxpayers not to owe any money, but also for there to be no money owed to taxpayers. 

Officials said the new form will be more complicated, however, and more so resembles the 1040-form versus a W-4. 

Instead of claiming a certain number of allowances based on exemptions (which have been eliminated) taxpayers will be asked to input the dollar amounts for the following: 

The first draft is already out but another draft version of the new W-4 is expected by May 31. 

After that, the IRS will ask for public comment and review those comments, with plans on posting another draft later this year. 

The final version of the new 2-4 will be released by the end of this year, just in time for the 2020 tax season. 

Some information to have handy includes: 

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Saturday at the Masters means a big day for fans of Tiger Woods. One of the all-time-greats was back near the top.

The energy from Tiger’s Friday finish only grew stronger overnight.

“Oh, Tiger’s back. He’s shooting a 64 today. You heard it here first. Let’s go.”

Enthusiasm as thick as the Augusta humidity as patrons turned out to see if the legend could keep it going.

“He’s hitting the ball great. He’s in every hole. If he can make a couple of putts, I think he’s got a good chance to be in the last group on Sunday.”

Tiger hasn’t won here since 2005. His recent results prove he’s capable of doing it this year.

“There’s no question he’s playing better. And he’s putting better, which will definitely give him a chance.”

“While Tiger may be playing well now, what about that intimidation factor he used to have back in the day?”

“He’s been playing as one of the players for the last, what, 10-15 years? And time has gone and gotten to a point where he’s just one of them.

“I do agree that part of his game has gone away. He had everybody beaten when he showed up on Sunday in the old days.”

The Masters, as always, is set for an incredible finish. A finish that could be historic depending on the performance of one of the greatest players ever.

“He’s back. It’s pretty exciting to watch, right?”

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Saturday at the Masters is moving day and while the pros hope to move up on the leaderboard… junior patrons move about the course. 

Ashley Osborne: These junior patrons. 

I got the answer.

Ashley Osborne: Not tallying golf scores 

You got it Ryan? Everybody got it down?

Ashley Osborne: But the cost of lunch

Total– four dollars and fifty cents. 

Ashley Osborne: Emerson Finch on the masters scavenger hunt too.  

Ashley Osborne: Can you tell me what a scavenger hunt is? 

Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: You get to find eagle and flags. 

Ashley Osborne: How are you here at The Masters? 

Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: I have a Junior Pass. 

Elliott Woodward/ Patron: And as part of that free pass, there’s a scavenger hunt. 

Ashley Osborne: Her grandad helped her fill out the junior pass passport. 

Ashley Osborne: What are you most looking forward to seeing here today? 

Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: Eagle. 

Did you see the Eagle statue when you walked in? 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: Yes 

And did you write it down in your book? 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: Yes.

Ashley Osborne: Why’d you write 19. 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: Because there were 19 flags. 

Ashley Osborne: On top of the leader board. Do you know what those flags are? 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: They’re for different states. 

Ashley Osborne: Close, different countries. You were super close though. 

Elliott Woodward/ Patron: The youth learn about the course and about the tournament, about the history. 

Elliott Woodward/ Patron: And then we found out which year Arnold Palmer first won The Masters. What year was that? 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: 1958. 
Elliott Woodward/ Patron: 1958, exactly. 

Ashley Osborne: And she is very engaged. I mean, she knows the answers. She’s doing things. How proud does that make you? 

Elliott Woodward/ Patron: Oh it’s a splendid thrill for me. Just to see her get so excited and of course she was so anxious this morning. We were at home and it was raining and she was just so anxious to leave home. 

Ashley Osborne: Do you think you win anything if you everything? 

Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: Yes

Ashley Osborne: You do! What do you win? 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: I don’t know. 

Ashley Osborne: The week before this, there was a women’s tournament. Now little ones like her have the chance to maybe play out here one day. What does that mean for you as a grandfather of little granddaughters? 

Elliott Woodward/ Patron: Well I have 4 granddaughters and a grandson. It’s extra special for me with so many young girls in my family with the prospects of women one day playing on this course. 

Ashley Osborne: And little Emerson’s already planning her champions dinner. 

Elliott Woodward/ Patron: What’s the entre going to be? 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: Steak. 
Elliott Woodward/ Patron: Alright, Steak for the entre. And what kind of sides are we having? 
Emerson Finch/ Junior Patron: French fries. 
Elliott Woodward/ Patron: French fries, great. 

(WFLA) – Two Wisconsin parents have made a public plea for help in saving their son’s life.

WISN reports 5-month-old Marcus Albers is in dire need of a partial liver transplant. 

“We were told that Marcus has weeks to live, and that was a week and a half ago. So it’s pretty dire,” his mother, Whitney McLean, told the news station.

Marcus suffers from Immunodeficiency 47, an extremely rare disorder that has already destroyed his liver.

“(It’s) extremely rare. There are only, from what we were told, there are only 12 cases in the world,” McLean said. This includes Marcus’ two-year-old brother, who will also need a liver transplant one day. 

“We found out about the genetic disorder while we were pregnant with Marcus,” Albers said.

The family is hoping someone will step forward to save their son’s life.

To match with Marcus, one must be:

If you think you’re a match, contact the Wisconsin Children’s Hospital at 414-805-1438 or 414-805-1437. You can also send an e-mail to

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Tyler Herro hit a 3-pointer with 25.8 seconds left to give Kentucky the lead after Houston had erased a double-digit lead, and the Wildcats escaped their NCAA Midwest Regional semifinal with a 62-58 win over Houston Friday night.

Herro’s huge basket gave the Wildcats a 60-58 lead and came after Houston’s Corey Davis Jr. had his driving shot swatted away by PJ Washington, who was making his return after missing the first two tournament games with a left foot injury.

Davis missed what would have been a tying layup before Herro hit two more free throws to secure the win and send the second-seeded Wildcats to the Elite Eight for the seventh time in 10 years, Kentucky will face Southeastern Conference rival Auburn for a trip to the Final Four.

Herro led the Wildcats (30-6) with 19 points and Washington added 16.

Houston (33-4), in the Sweet 16 for the first time since 1984, used a 17-6 surge to finish a comeback from 13 points down early in the second half. Armoni Brooks, who finished with 20 points, made three of his six 3-pointers during the run, the last a fade-away from the corner to tie it at 49. Davis then muscled a shot over Reid Travis in the lane with 3:39 left for the Cougars’ first lead since 13 minutes left in the first half.

After Washington made two free throws to tie it, Brooks struck again, this time from the right side, to make it 54-51.

The Cougars couldn’t quite finish the job. Davis’ floater made it 58-55 before Washington scored over Fabian White Jr. to make it a one-point game. He missed the tying free throw, and then raced to the other end to block Davis’ shot and turn the momentum back to Kentucky.

The Wildcats had been playing since March 16 without Washington, who spained his left foot in the SEC Tournament against Tennessee. His status was a mystery right up until the first media timeout, when he entered to a standing ovation from fans behind the Kentucky bench.

He showed no effects from the injury, scoring in the lane on his first shot and converting Keldon Johnson’s entry pass into a big dunk. Next, he passed out of a double team to Immanuel Quickley, who swished a 3-pointer from the corner, and then he hit a mid-range jumper for a 21-14 lead at the midway point in the first half.

Wildcats coach John Calipari had said Thursday that he would be “stunned” if Washington played more than 15-18 minutes, if he played at all. He played 26.


Houston: The Cougars’ best season since the Phi Slama Jama teams comes to an end. Convincing wins over double-digit seeds Georgia State and Ohio State were one thing, but the Cougars were going to be hard-pressed to advance against a Kentucky team near full strength with Washington’s return. They almost did it.

Kentucky: The Wildcats look formidable now that Washington is back. Kentucky came out blazing against the nation’s top field-goal defense and then gutted out a ragged second half thanks to Herro’s big 3-pointer.


Kentucky beat Auburn twice in the regular season.

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On Capitol Hill, the debate was over the top. 

Republicans attacked the Green New Deal, a Democratic road map to remake the American economy, reduce carbon emissions, and prevent the worst effects of climate change.   

But after much political theater, a resolution supporting the proposal was resoundingly defeated by the U.S. Senate.    

“I thought it presented an opportunity,” said Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander.   

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander is no fan of the Green New Deal.    

“So radical, so far left,” said the Senator.    

But he does believe climate change is a serious problem.    

“Most of the scientists, almost all of them say humans are major cause of it. So, the question is what to do about it.”   

Alexander is proposing a 10-point plan to address climate change over the next five years.  

“Doubling energy research, building advanced reactors, better batteries, greener buildings, electric cars.”   

“The investments that Senator Alexander is talking about certainly should be a part of a comprehensive, bipartisan solution,” said Elizabeth Gore with the Environmental Defense Fund.  

Gore was disappointed by this week’s debate. But she’s encouraged by Alexander’s proposal.    

“We need members of Congress from both sides of the aisle to come to the table to put their best ideas forward.”   

Alexander’s plan is much less ambitious than the Green New Deal, but it does contain some similarities.   

And he might have better luck getting it through congress — he’s chairman of the subcommittee

that funds energy research. 

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The game was in hand for Murray State and sensational point guard Ja Morant, who dominated Marquette in every way. With a chance to make some NCAA Tournament history, Morant’s coach told him to hit the boards and grab the rebound that would push him to an elusive triple-double

Morant went up for the ball, snatched it away from an eager teammate, and that was it. Murray State fans began chanting “Tri-ple dou-ble!” to celebrate an upset in the first round of the West Region.

Morant, a future NBA lottery pick, sliced through Marquette with 16 assists, 17 points and 11 rebounds as Murray State trounced the fifth-seeded Golden Eagles 83-64 on Thursday.

The triple-double was the ninth in the tournament since the NCAA started tracking them in 1987 and first since 2012. Murray State (28-4) continued a trend of 12 seeds beating 5s in March. It has happened every year but three since 2001, but this looked nothing like an upset.

Murray State was never threatened in the second half by Marquette, of the Big East. The Ohio Valley Conference champions face fourth-seeded Florida State on Saturday in the West Region as the Racers next try to take down an Atlantic Coast Conference foe.

Murray State, with Morant in its lineup, can always count on having the best player on the floor no matter who its plays.

“They’d be good without him, but with him, they’re pretty unique,” Marquette coach Steve Wojciechowski said.

With 4:36 left in the second half and Murray State up 20, Morant grabbed his 10th rebound, pulling it away from Racers big man KJ Williams.

“I was going for it. I called it and he still tried to get the rebound. I just snatched it and said, ‘It’s my ball,'” Morant said with a smile. “Normally, before the game I tell him that every ball that goes toward the rim needs to be his. Just attack the glass. Sorry, I had to take that one from him.”

The last player to record a triple-double in the NCAA Tournament was Draymond Green for Michigan State in 2012 against LIU-Brooklyn.

The lanky 6-foot-2 Morant this season has rocketed to stardom and into a sure-fire NBA lottery pick — maybe second only to Duke’s Zion Williamson. He exceeded in the hype on the biggest stage he’s played on this season.

The game was billed as a showcase of two of the nation’s best point guards and Morant and Marquette’s Markus Howard delivered plenty of highlights. Howard scored 16 in the first half on a mix of 3s off screens and hard drives to the hoop.

Marquette (24-10) promised to make Morant see walls of defenders. The Golden Eagles collapsed on Morant every time he went to the basket and often double-teamed on the perimeter instead of switching on screens. Time and again, Morant found an open shooter while surrounded by defenders. He had eight assists in the first half, five that led to 3-pointers for the Racers, who led 42-35 at the break.

“Sometimes he surprises me when he gets to the goal and gets everybody to jump and he still finds a way to get the ball to us,” said Tevin Brown, who scored 19 points.

Howard finished with 26 points and Sam Hauser added 16 for the Golden Eagles.

As Murray State pulled away early in the second half, Morant had a two-handed slam off a nifty bounce pass from Darnell Cowart. Moments later, Morant fired a cross-court, no-look pass to Shaq Buchanan for a corner 3 that made it 57-40. Morant paused to glance toward the Murray State section and made finger goggles around his eyes. The sophomore seems to see it all on the court.

Morant said he’d rather be a playmaker than a finisher.

“Any day of the week; I’ll take the assist 10 time out of 10,” Morant said.


Murray State: Morant had lots of help from his teammates: Brown was 5 for 9 from 3. Williams had 16 points, working in the paint and Buchanan added 14 points. The Racers shot 53.6 percent from the field and held Marquette to 32.4.

“Ja deserves every bit of credit he gets and then some,” Murray State coach Matt McMahon said. “But we have a very balanced team.”

Marquette: The Golden Eagles struggled to finish near the basket, had only six assists and simply had no answer for Morant. They finished the season losing six of seven.


Murray State: The Racers are 1-2 in three meetings with the Seminoles, the last coming in 1998 when they lost to FSU in Honolulu.

Marquette: Did Howard play his last game for the Golden Eagles?

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Masters Week kicked off with the Drive, Chip & Putt National Championship  at Augusta National Golf Club for junior golfers, boys and girls ages seven through 15.

Despite the chilly weather, kids turned out to see their peers compete.

“I’m just ready to see the golfers, the young golfers and I like to see them play at the National,” said one young fan.

For many young golfers, it’s inspiring to see to see other kids play at such a high level.

“It’s pretty cool,” said Jackson Laufer.

But watching top-notch junior golf wasn’t the only draw.

“We just came out here to you know, buy stuff,” said Molly Kain.

One young fan said eating an ice cream sandwich was his favorite part of the event last year.

But Drive, Chip and Putt is also giving kids an incentive to improve their golf game.

Nine-year-old Harrison James said he comes to watch and learn from the other golfers so that he too can play in Drive, Chip & Putt one day.

Now in its fourth year, the Drive, Chip & Putt Championship will start hosting local qualifying rounds in all 50 states this summer. This year, the 80 finalists hailed from 30 states as well as Canada.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (WKRG) — Welcome to the world, Carly! 

On Wednesday, Warm Springs Ranch in Montana announced the birth of the first Clydesdale born this year. They named her Carly. Clydesdales are given short names so it’s easier for drivers to give them commands during a performance, according to their website. The video above shows her taking her first few steps! 

Carly was born Warm Springs Ranch “Home of the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales” but she isn’t a “Budweiser Clydesdale” just yet. She will have some big ‘horseshoes’ to fill. Budweiser Clydesdales must “stand at least 18 hands high (or 6 feet tall),” according to their website. “They must be geldings and at least 4 years old. They must have a bay coat, four white stockings, a blaze of white on the face, a black mane and a black tail. And they must weigh between 1,800 and 2,300 pounds.”

People can visit Carly at the ranch as early as March 23 when the season opens! For information visit their website by clicking here.