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The new book, “Every Woman Needs a Maid,” explores the fact that women today feel a societal pressure to be superhuman, to do it all so they can “have it all!”

“Every Woman Needs a Maid” is a guide, an anxiety releaser, a confidence booster and the coaching manual all women need to transform their lives from barely surviving to thriving! 

Bonnie Hubert, M.A., Ed.D., ONE Way® Life Coach, joined us Wednesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to discuss a few of the things you can learn from her book.

The “having-it-all” mentality is what is driving women crazy! If you want to unearth 20-30 hours a week so you can work less, stop doing the things you hate and start living the life you want, “Every Woman Needs a Maid” will show you how. 

The book also covers:

About Bonnie:  

Dr. Bonnie has spent 25 years working in the education and mental health fields. She has been a teacher, professional counselor and earned a Doctorate of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Houston.

Bonnie has been married to her husband Skeeter for 25 years, and  is a mom of 4. She is the founder of Dr. Bonnie Hubert Coaching and hosts a FB group called High Drive Moms, where she supports and inspires thousands of working professional moms. Her latest achievement is publishing the new book Every Woman Needs a Maid – How to Stop Relationship Conflict, Overwork and Stress so You Can Live Your Best Life. 

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