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When Meteorologist Randy Ollis made it clear to this reporter that we were going to get a lot of snow, I decided it was time to get some sound advice for dealing with winter weather. After all, it has been a while since central Indiana received more than a coating of frozen precipitation. Without delay, I dispatched myself to Randy’s favorite breakfast joint, Just Judy’s on 69th Street.

“If you’re an old man like myself, I wouldn’t shovel,” said Jimmy Guerra as he sat in his usual spot around the corner from the kitchen where his wife, Judy, runs the show. “I’d get a kid to do it. That’s probably what I’ll do!”

“Stay home,” offered Nita Orth as she cheerfully ate a plate of eggs surrounded by friends.

“Put on your parka and go outside and play,” said 87-year-old John White. “What else would you expect an 87-year-old man to say?”

For her part, Judy Guerra, the owner of Just Judy’s vowed to remain open in the storm. She cautioned her customers, though, not to hit the road if they are lacking in confidence.