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Kid-ing with Kayla — It’s not easy taking care of a sick kid. You have to make sure they’re eating, drinking and taking their medicine even though they’re not wanting to do any of it. Kayla Sullivan said one of the most difficult medicines to give her child is eye drops. Take a look at her report on this topic!

Dr. Hailey Nelson says the best way to administer eye drops to a resistant kid is to have your child lie down, close their eyes, put the drop in the corner of their eye while closed and then have them blink and it will go in the eye.

Kayla’s followers also suggested ointment doctors can prescribe that parents can put on their child’s eyelids once they fell asleep. Some people suggested convincing children that eye drops would give them superpowers. A lot of people recommended bribes with prizes or candy.

When it comes to medicine that you don’t have to drop directly in the eyes or ears like liquid syrups you can swallow, parents suggested providing a yummy drink to immediately wash it down with or a favorite snack to get rid of the taste.

Depending on the medicine and the advice of doctors and pharmacists, you can mix some medicines in with drinks or food that taste better and make taking the medicine easier.

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