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It’s Friday on “Life.Style.Live!” which means Entertainment Expert Patty Spitler is back with a new movie review, and this week we’re in for a wild ride. Here’s more from Patty:

This week’s pick is “Beast,” a thrilling, fingernail nibbling adventure of a healing journey that turns into a fight for life, with a rogue lion as its star alongside Idris Elba.

You know I love critters, so this was in many ways a tough watch for me. The opening scene is frightful and pitiful as poachers in South Africa kill an entire pride of lions, except for one. 

One male escapes and now he wants to destroy and kill all the poachers and all humans in general. It’s the law of the jungle, as we hear that several times in the film. 

Elba is the main man who has brought his two teenaged daughters to his deceased wife’s homeland to connect with their heritage, but now they are all in fear as this King of Beasts wants revenge. They’re in his territory. They are humans. They must die. 

As you might well imagine, I was very upset with all of this, but let’s look at it thru a movie-making lens. The scenes are tight and well-constructed. You feel the fear. Elba is excellent, bringing a sometimes sensitive yet physically powerful presence to his character, which is not an easy task. 

Beast is 93 minutes long and rated R. For its sheer compact film execution, I’ll give it 3 out of 5 stars.  

If you’re looking for a tense, knuckle-biting, gritty film this could be your “Mane” event. 

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