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It’s a Friday on “Life.Style.Live!,” and that means Patty’s Picks are front and center.

Today, Entertainment Expert Patty Spitler joined us with a very special review for a Hoosier film, produced by a Hoosier about a Hoosier. Do you know who Carl Erskine is? If you do, this movie will bring back fond memories. If you don’t this film will enlighten, entertain and educate. Here more from her:

First off, let me tell you, if you don’t already know. Documentary filmmaker Ted Green is the tenacious talent behind this endeavor. He does all his history work beforehand and then serves as the writer, director and producer of the films he shares. 

My favorites are of Eva Kor the Holocaust survivor and Bobby ”Slick’ Leonard. 

Jump ahead to his latest offering, about Carl Erskine. 

Carl is from Anderson Indiana and is the last surviving member of the Brooklyn Dodgers “Boys of Summer” league.  He’s not just a legendary baseball player, he also had huge positive effect on diversity on and off the field (Jackie Robinson was one of his best friends) and promoting acceptance of medically and emotionally challenged individuals. His son Jimmy was born with Down Syndrome. Born in 1960, this was a time when the developmentally challenged children were immediately institutionalized, but Carl and his wife fought for acceptance of Jimmy, their son. 

Carl is 95 years old now, and living happily with his wife in Anderson Indiana. Jimmy, his son with Down Syndrome is now 62 years old. They were told he would die as a youngster. 

This is a testament to the difference one individual can make. Carl Erskine was a champion for human rights, racial equality and inclusion of persons with disabilities. 

5 out of 5 stars, in fact, I’ll give it 6 stars! 

You can see it next Thursday evening, August 18th, at The Toby Theater at Newfields. 

For more information about the film, click here, and for more from Patty, click here.