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Something old, something new, something messy, something loveable and something true. There’s a lot going on in “The Good House.”

Based on a best-selling novel, it’s now a major motion picture, and Entertainment expert Patty Spitler joined us Friday on “Life.Style.Live!” for “Patty’s Picks” to give us some insight. Here’s more from her:

First off, I love that it showcases romance for an older couple. Sigourney Weaver and Kevin Kline rekindle their long-ago crush. She is a Boston realtor with a perceptive eye who can spot the flaws in others but fails to see her own issues. She also loves her wine! Oh, and she loves her dogs. Her new/old boyfriend is down to earth and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him. He’s also quick-witted and somewhat withdrawn from life and love. 

The script has Weaver speaking directly to the camera at times and somehow that makes you feel more a part of the proceedings. This comedy/drama has you laughing and smiling, and then suddenly you realize, older folks have flaws too. 

If you’re wracking your brain right now, yes, Sigourney and Kevin have been an on-screen couple before.  

This is their third pairing on a film. The other two are “Dave” (1992) and “The Ice Storm” (1997), and if you loved them then, you’ll love them now.

‘The Good House’ is rated R, but there is a bit of language and some sexual innuendo, but nothing I found offensive.  

It runs for 1 hr and 43 minutes. 

I really appreciated the delivery of these two, and the timing is everything. Perfection! 

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.