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If you’re looking to make someone’s day, the beautiful desserts from Punkin’s Pies Sweet Treats are the way to go!

Joanna Wilson and her husband Mark both own Punkin’s Pies Sweet Treats, and they joined us today to share how they got their start and the many items you can find on their menu. Here’s more from Joanna:

Punkin’s Pies was started by baking my mom’s famous Sweet Potato Pie recipe. She would make 20+ Pies for our family during the holidays. She would also bake them for different functions and gatherings. People raved over her pies. After mom got older I started to copy her recipe and make the pies for individuals requesting them. By the way, I’ll never be able to make them as good as mom’s.

I finally made it into a business, and I am now baking over 100 pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The other items came from my daughter and I dipping Chocolate Covered Strawberries and posting them on social media. Others started requesting to order them. After that, I started getting message after message. Punkin, can you make this for me? Can you make that for me? They believed I could make anything! So, that is where all of Punkin’s Pies different items come from.

Punkin’s Pies Sweet Treats is a very unique business because of the items we sell and the love that goes into making them. You can’t really walk into a store and buy Chocolate Covered Strawberries or giant Gourmet Apples whenever you want if it isn’t a holiday or a certain time of year, but you can at Punkin’s Pies Sweet Treats!

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