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It’s not paint, it’s better!

Rhino Shield is superior to traditional latex paint, and it outperforms it in almost every comparison factor that is important to any residential or commercial customer.

Shane Smith, owner of Rhino Shield, joined us Thursday on “Life.Style.Live!” to share why it’s the preferred choice for exterior wall and roof coatings.

Rhino Shield is and elastomeric coating with ceramic micro spheres that allows our product to move and gives added protection and benefits with the ceramics. 

Some of the benefits of it are that it has a class A fire rating, works as insulation for your house and even resists mold and mildew build up. 

Rhino Shield offers a 25-year warranty against any flaking, chipping or peeling, so once it’s applied its bonded to your house or building. It can be applied to anything including brick, block, wood, stucco and even vinyl.  

The company has more than 1200 different colors on-hand, but if you have a specific color in mind, they tint all of their products locally, so any color you want they can make. 

Rhino Shield serves all of Indiana. Their team is more than happy to provide a free no obligation estimate. 

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