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If you’re hosting for Christmas brunch or dinner, watch closely because you don’t want to miss anything as Chef Rosalee Ortiz shares multiple recipes to create special dishes for both meals!

Today she showed us how to make Peach-stuffed French Toast, Fruity pebble pancakes, Turkey Bacon with a Twist, Chicken and Grits, Loaded Baked Potatoes, Hot Chocolate with a Twist and a Mason Jar Seafood Boil.

Here’s more from Rosalee:

Brunch is by far my favorite food to cook. It’s just so many things you can cook and combine with breakfast or brunch with a twist.

This just goes back to my motto bringing families back to the table.

Love and food are a great combination to bring people closer. Especially, if it’s great food. I challenge everyone to have a brunch with family or friends and enjoy it! 

Having a crowd for Christmas dinner? Let’s stay safe and protect ourselves and remain healthy. I came up with a seafood boil in a jar around 5 years ago for a work pitch-in/potluck.

The team wanted seafood and my first thought is people with seafood allergies or how messy it can get. Also, I thought cooking the shrimp may become rubbery from cooking in the crockpot.

So after placing in jars I fill a couple of crockpots with water and sit the jars in the crockpot until it’s time to eat.

For those that don’t eat seafood, you can eat sausage, eggs and corn with the same seasonings. 

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