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Gardening can be a fun activity for everyone, regardless of age or ability and today we want to focus on some simple ways to make this fun activity safer and more inclusive. 

Brian Norton, ATP, CEAS, director of assistive technology at the INDATA Project and Easterseals Crossroads, joined us Thursday to share how people can make gardening more accessible.

Accessible Gardening Tools 

Add-on Handles: maximize someone’s lifting ability and minimizes the need to bend/stoop 

Kneelers or Seats: help with back pain, strength and endurance 

Ergonomic Tools:

Curved handles allow for better wrist position and decrease stress on tendons and joints 

Telescoping tools require less stooping 

Pistol grips allow for better gripping 

Ratcheting pruners make cutting easier 

Large-Print Rain Gauge: easier for persons who are visually impaired to view  

Plant Snap App: Identify plants with your smartphone and receive information and advice on how to care for your plants 

Different Types of Gardens

Raised or Vertical Garden – Take the bending and stooping out of gardening, and bring the garden up to you. 

Sensory Garden – Create spaces where a garden can be enjoyed through someone’s senses. Plants of course! But also include different walkway materials, fountains, chimes, etc. 

“Instant” Salad or Salsa Garden – Less mess and super easy: Buy a bag or two of potting soil, lay them on your patio, and cut an “X” in them. Then plant a tomato, pepper or other veggie, and watch them grow. 


Easterseals Crossroads equipment loan library features 2500+ items so you can try it before you buy it!

Agency Information:

Easterseals Crossroads promoting independence for persons with disabilities for the past 80 years.

The INDATA Project is dedicated to increasing awareness of and improving access to technology so persons of all ages and abilities can live, learn, work and play more independently.

Agrability Toolbox – find tools, techniques and suggestions for accessible gardening and farming.

For more information about the INDATA Project at Easterseals Crossroads, go to or call 888-466-1314.