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It’s the year a lot of us are getting a little more in touch with America’s beautiful nature, but let’s say camping isn’t your thing, Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington, travel expert, shares incredible glamping and luxury camping options across the state of Indiana so you feel like you’re in the great outdoors, minus the ‘roughing’ it.

When it comes to visiting the great outdoors, not everyone is into the whole camping idea. But thankfully there are these 4 luxury glamping sites all in the state of Indiana that make ‘camping’ seem so much better, and you don’t even have to pitch a tent. Keep in mind you can also look for cabins, lodges and more that have a luxury feel on vacation rental sites like AirBnb or Vrbo, but these are also great options. 

What is glamping?

Glamping is a lot like camping, but made easier. You don’t have to worry about pitching a tent, lugging a bunch of gear with you, or sleeping on the ground. You still get the wilderness and being outdoors, but with comforts like beds, bathrooms and having things already set up. Perfect for someone looking to ease into actual camping. So I think of glamping as being anything from a safari tent, to a yurt, to a rustic cabin depending on your comfort level. 

Why glamping or even camping?

It’s a great solution to the social distancing world. Most glamping or camping options are spaced out, secluded and can mean you can be pretty much on your own, with your own food, etc. Plus is just great to get in touch with the great outdoors! 

Ease into it with a log cabin

These spacious and comfy/chic log cabins are at Antler Log Cabins in Unionville, IN. They have 8 custom cabins on a secluded 114 acre wooded estate with 5 private lakes. If you’re not a camping person, haven’t tried it before, but want to ease your way into exploring nature and the wilderness, opt for a cabin. They are comfortable, come with all the things you need in terms of bedding, kitchen items, etc. And they even come with indoor bathrooms (bonus!!). Plus you can do loads of outdoor activities like hiking and fishing. 

Glamp on a lake

If you are willing to ‘rough it’ a little more (not too much though!), there are great glamping options with tents that come fully equipped with all the necessities. These tents in Jasonville, IN, come with the use of two kayaks, a queen bed, gas grill, firepit and it’s only a few feet away from a beautiful lake. You do have a private toilet outside, and an outdoor shower. Note, you need to bring Linens, towels, dish rags and personal hygiene items. 

Book yourself a yurt

I found these two yurts in a valley Bristow, IN, at Mary Rose Herb Farm and Retreat and they are a great mix of being outside but still being comfortable. I’d say book the two yurts together for a family getaway… they come with heating and air conditioning, Japanese hot tubs outside, a fire pit and bbq, not to mention you get a hot breakfast included in your stay. They even have a mini spa and massages on site… so you’re camping, but with a lot of luxury. 

Think about a beach cottage

The Idle Zone Mini Beach Cottage is located in Jasonville, and is set right on a little beach on a lake. It may be small, but if you don’t want to really rough it, it comes with all you need including indoor plumbing. As they say, they want you to feel like you’re camping without the hardships of actually camping. It’s a great spot to unwind, disconnect and sleep your days away in a hammock. 

Do it yourself… with an RV

Another great way to up the luxury when it comes to camping or exploring the outdoors is to book a fancy or unique RV. Again they usually come nicely equipped with necessities, and you can decide when/where you’re going to go and when you want to stop and rest at a park. 

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