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Get ready to fire up your muscles and your mind because there’s a groundbreaking fitness tool in town and it’s ready to rock your workout! Firefighter Tim showed us how it works today and even got Randy to try it!

Stealth is the first planking platform designed to game your core with an extensive roster of fun and retro-inspired video games that will have you working 29 different muscle groups in just minutes a day.

You won’t even notice your workout time being gobbled up as you plank your way through the FitMan mazes, move quickly to dodge missiles in Stealth Invaders, or get your pong on with the NEW Air Hockey game!

The Stealth app comes equipped with 4 free games, plus access to an optional Premium Game subscription which gives you a new Premium game every month, as well as the entire library of Premium games.

Stealth Highlights:

Revisit your favorite childhood games, join a community of strong and supportive members, and get in shape with Stealth!

You can buy stealth for $99 on Amazon and their website. Learn more at,