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These gift ideas are small enough to fit in a stocking, but powerful enough to make a meaningful gift.

David Novak, the Gadget Guy, joined us today to share what makes each of these gadgets special.

1. PaperLike for iPad 

Around $40,

For iPad Mini owners that use their tablet to take notes, draw sketches or even engage in professional artwork, the PaperLike is THE iPad Screen Protector to have, as it feels just like paper when using the Apple Pencil. Integrating patented Nanodot Smart Technology for keeping the display screen on your iPad Mini scratch-free, the Paperlike is the ultimate tool for creatives and note-takers. Additionally, its anti-glare soft matte finish further improves the feel of your iPad for simple touch operation and note-taking, all while also preventing any sort of fingerprints to keep your device’s screen smudge-free. Each package contains 2 Paperlike iPad Screen Protectors, 2 wet and 1 dry screen wipes, 2 dust absorbers, and 2 sticker guide sheets. Fits many different sizes of iPads

2. Power1 – Unified AirPod and iPhone Charging System

Under $100, 

For Apple fans, the Power1 is the ultimate accessory that combines a unified charging system and a case for both your iPhone and AirPods, all in one. Its patented charging station uses a 3000mAh internal battery for recharging your AirPods multiple times, with up to 90 hours of battery life, while its USB-C fast-charging port lets you charge your iPhone, your AirPods and the Power1’s battery all at once. A built-in Charge Mode Switch lets users direct the power between different devices, with Mode-1 charging your AirPods only, and Mode-2 charging your AirPods and iPhone simultaneously. The device is quite lightweight, featuring a magnetic door lock that keeps your devices safe, raised edges around the screen for an extra layer of protection, and a microfiber interior that further cushions your iPhone against impacts. 

3. Luminara Flameless Night Light Candle 

Under $30, 

To keep your bedroom better illuminated at night, get yourself the Luminara Flameless Night Light Candle. This realistic flicker-flame candle nightlight features an ultra-modern design and fits any standard US outlets, so no battery is required. It provides you with a smooth presence guiding light for a serene illuminating effect. It also integrates a Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor that turns the nightlight on when the light dims to a certain level and then turns it off again when lighting conditions get brighter. Lastly, there’s also an On & Off button for manually turning it on or off. 

4. GRAY RESKAR Titanium Apple Watch Series 4/5/6 Case & Band

Under $600, 

For Apple Watch users looking to amp up the look and lifespan of their investment, check out the GRAY RESKAR Titanium Apple Watch Case & Band, designed to be fully compatible with the Series 4, 5, and 6. This unique Sci-Fi Inspired Apple Watch Case blends sporty practicality with an avant-garde design that’s focused on longevity, as its body is made of aerospace-grade titanium and a hand-crafted carbodyne exterior that combines multiple carbon fiber sheets stacked together for unmatched durability. Finally, its dedicated wristband is made from an extremely tough FKM rubber, which is designed for high performance and durability while still being incredibly comfortable. 

5. Verizon Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G  & Google Pixel 6 

Starts at around $1000 and $600, 

Christmas came earlier this year, thanks to Verizon’s 2 new flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G and the Google Pixel 6. The Z-Flip features a foldable 6.7″ FHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity Flex Display (folds down to 4.2″), along with a 12MP and 10MP Dual cameras, and a 2″ display on the front that displays notifications, messages and more. Best of all, the Galaxy Z Flip3 also boasts an Auto-Timer functionality for Pictures that can be triggered by Gesture Recognition.  The Pixel 6 is Google’s latest, with a super-fast processor, gorgeous screen, and a Dual Rear 50MP Camera, for which it also packs unique camera software features that give users the ability to fully edit their photos, such as removing unwanted subjects from them with a Magic Eraser, as well as the possibility to use Motion Mode for long exposure and action pan when looking to capture fast-moving objects. Both are available through Verizon.

6. TROVA GO+plus Smart Biometric Safe

Around $250, 

The TROVA GO+plus is a portable biometric safe designed for daily storage of all of your everyday carry items and other personal belongings. To unlock this secure smart storage device, you scan your fingerprint via the device’s Smartphone App. You can use it for storing jewelry, vapes, prescriptions, phones, or any other private objects that require security and discretion. Its compact size makes it perfect to carry inside a pocket, purse, handbag, or backpack, while its ultra-minimalist design mimics the looks of a portable battery pack for the utmost discretion. 

7. ONSCREEN Spark: TV Video Calling Smart Camera 

Under $100, 

Take your video calling to the next level with the ONSCREEN Spark. This TV Video Calling Smart Camera provides you with great quality video calling on your TV screen, from the comfort of your couch. Make amazing video calls on your TV, including support for ZOOM, which you can then control with your Smartphone via the ONSCREEN App. Moreover, your privacy is always ensured during every call thanks to its integrated camera lens cover and the App’s End-to-end encryption. Best of all, setting it up is a breeze, as other than its App, the ONSCREEN Spark works solely based on a power connection and an HDMI connection, so no other hardware is required. 

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