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The creator of Surprise Powerz Dolls Kristen Bell wanted little girls to have dolls that were positive role models to aspire to be and learn from.

She joined us to introduce us to Astro the AstronautCodie the CoderVera the Vet and Maria the Mathematician. These STEM-centric dolls are made to break barriers, solve problems and reflect the diversity of girls today. They wear cute outfits, carry cool accessories and arrive in fun packaging. 

Each 16” doll is soft to the touch and comfortable for little girls to hold or carry. A gentle hand squeeze activates the doll’s voice.   

Astro the Astronaut is not your average girl. Rocking purple braids, an orange spacesuit and a cool jetpack, Astro can tell you all about outer space and what it means to be an astronaut.   Made with a black girls’ voice for authenticity. 

Codie The Coder demonstrates that code is all around us (in her tablet, in the fun cat video games she plays and even in her mom’s cell phone).  Made with a black girls’ voice for authenticity, she teaches her friends new coding skills. 

She speak both English and Spanish and has a lot of tricks up her sleeve, but Maria the Mathematician’s favorite talent is math. No count is too hard when you have Maria’s magic tricks. Made with a bilingual Latina girl’s voice for authenticity.  

As a veterinarian, Vera the Vet has the purr-fect job for someone who loves pets. She helps all of her furry patients stay happy and healthy and spends her time caring for them. Made with a caucasian girl’s voice for authenticity. 

Surprise Powerz Dolls are available at and in select retail stores.