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The upcoming “Swing ‘Fore’ Hope” Golf Scramble event is happening at Ironwood in Fishers on Monday, September 19. It’s all to benefit the Neurohope outpatient physical therapy and fitness center, which helps patients with spinal cord injuries.

Chris Leeuw, founder and executive director for Neurohope, joined us Friday on “Life.Style.Live!” along with Ryan Kreicker, director of IT and internet marketing for Hensley Legal Group, to share how Leeuw’s story of becoming paralyzed from the neck down, learning to walk again, how Neurohope helps patients and how the community can support their mission.

Chris Leeuw’s story:

In 2010, a spinal cord injury in a swimming accident left Indy native Chris Leeuw paralyzed from the neck down. He had to travel across the country to receive long-term therapy.  After two years of grueling daily therapy, he relearned to walk, move his arms, became independent and moved back to Indy determined to open a center for people recovering from paralysis.

Neurohope was born in 2013 and is an outpatient physical therapy and fitness center that has helped hundreds of families on the road to recovery receive long-term care. 

Hensley Legal Group has been a proud supporter of Neurohope and has helped its growth since 2016. Now, they are in an exciting period of growth and hope to raise $60,000 to renovate its gym, with the “Swing Fore Hope” Golf Scramble.

To learn more, Google “Neurohope,” follow them on social media and visit their website.