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“Patty’s Pick” this week is a movie that is getting a lot of attention, not just because of its storyline or it’s cast, but because people need to laugh!

It’s “The Lost City” starring Channing Tatum, Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe. Here’s more from Patty Spitler of Great Day TV:

Let’s start out with the actors and set the stage.

Sandra Bullock is a reclusive romance writing author, who features exotic locals along with handsome cover models to sell her books. She’s making a comeback with her hunky model-man, Channing Tatum, in tow.Then she is kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire played by Daniel Radcliffe, who thinks she can lead him to a lost city treasure as depicted in her fantasy book. Her muscle man hurries to save her. Lots of action accompanies this campy comedy.

I do think we are craving something fun and outlandish. The stunts and special effects are fabulous. The acting is spot on, and Channing Tatum now proves he is more than a Magic Mike character or a dog partner. He has gained credibility with this complex role not only physically yet emotionally as well.

My problem was perhaps I’ve seen too many movies, but the script was like a rehash of films I’ve seen before. I’m reminded of ‘ Romancing the Stone’, 1984.

The film opens in theaters today It’s rated PG-13, and runs 92 minutes.

My rating is 3 out of 5 leeches.

Leeches play a major role in this movie, and they don’t suck!