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It’s summer 2022, and the backyard continues to be a hot destination for summer fun!

Chris Byrne AKA The Toy Guy joined us Tuesday on “Life. Style. Live!” with a look at some of the season’s most popular toys.

In 2021, spending on toys and particularly outdoor items skyrocketed, and this year looks like it’s going to be about the same.

You’ll be able to find bikes, swing sets and pools more easily, but those are infrequent purchases. So, if you’re looking to restock the toy box for this summer, you’ll want to check out this list of the cool stuff he’s been playing with. 

DoodleJamz JellyPics (Sky Castle) 

Heroes of Goo Jitsu (Moose Toys) 

SwimWays Dry Float Collection (Spin Master) *BROLL RECOMMENDED* 

Wiener’s Circle (Waboba) 

Koosh Flix Stix (PlayMonster) 

Föm Mania Fömalanche (Little Kids Inc.) 

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