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If you’re a TikTok user, you probably watch and follow this mega-influencer who has more than 1 Billion views, 300 million likes and about 8 million followers on the platform.

She was mercilessly bullied and socially ostracized in high school, but everything changed when she discovered TikTok and started posting comedic vignettes on dating and fashion and mean girls.

Bailey Spinn is now 19-years old and in college in California with huge endorsement deals.

She joined us today to share about her journey from eating lunch in the high school bathroom to TikTok influencer.

For more from Bailey Spinn find her on social media: @BaileySpinn

Some of the word’s most popular, yet simple recipes are coming from the app, Tik Tok, and today Stephanie Drewry, Owner, Sprouts Cooking School and Emma Drewry, Sprouts Cooking School showed us how to make one of them, called Baked Feta Pasta. They also shared how to make some easy after-school snack ideas!

Plus don’t miss upcoming Tween and Teen single session favorites like TikTok Trends, featuring viral trending recipes and the ever popular Star Wars themed class, May the 4th Be With You.

Our summer camps are filling up quickly. They kick off the first week of June. Check out five reasons why kid’s love Sprouts Cooking School camps! 

Sprouts Cooking School is Indiana’s only dedicated kids cooking school, featuring cooking classes for ages 3-13.

We’re located at 13190 Hazel Dell Pkwy, Carmel, IN 46033 (near Main Street and Hazel Dell Pkwy).

We are peanut and tree nut free cooking school. Additionally, we do our best to accommodate any other allergies if given advance notice at the time of booking.

We’re passionate about nurturing adventurous palates, building a strong foundation for a lifelong love of cooking and encouraging all families to cook together. Sprouts features:

Our MemberChef® program is modeled after culinary school and is intended for students who have a true passion for cooking and want to elevate their skills in the kitchen. Each month our curriculum focuses on a specific culinary skill. Students attend 4 classes per month and work to hone and master the particular culinary skill outlined that month. At the end of the four weeks, classes commence with a family dinner where students show their parents what they learned and teachers present students with a custom-designed pin to display on their exclusive black Sprouts Cooking School chef coat.

Learn more about MemberChef classes here:

See our upcoming class schedule here:

All social is @sproutscookingschool.

If you are on TikTok, you already know how addicting it is and that you can’t stop watching those dance videos!  Incredibly, it can be a great place to find life hacks for many parts of your life. Sherri French, lifestyle and parenting expert, joined us today to show you kitchen hacks to make your life easier and to blow your mind at the same time!

Straining Pasta

When you strain your pasta, do you pour it from the pan and into the strainer?  You have been doing it all wrong!  Place the strainer on top of the boiled pasta and pour the water out. The pasta remains in the pot and stays warm!

Juice a Lemon

When juicing a lemon, do you cut it in half and then squeeze the juice out, sometimes getting seeds in what you are cooking? Use a fork to pierce the end of a lemon, push a chopstick down the hole to widen it and squeeze away, seed free!

Cut Cherry Tomatoes     

Are you cutting your cherry tomatoes by hand, one by one? Place the cherry tomatoes on a plate, cover them with another plate and then use a sharp knife to cut between the two plates to slice the tomatoes in half.

Aluminum Foil and Plastic Wrap

Does the roll of foil or plastic wrap always come out of the box and not rip evenly?  Push the tabs on the sides of the box into the roll and your foil will remain stable.

Soften Butter Fast

Do you need the butter for a recipe to soften fast?  Don’t put it in the microwave like I do!  Pour boiling water into a glass, pour it out and flip the glass upside down on your butter.  In just a few minutes it will be softened.

Cereal and Cracker Boxes In Your Pantry

Are you unable to close your cereal or cracker box after you open?  Fold the two side tabs into the box.  Fold one flap into the box and then bend the two sides.  Fold the last flap into the box and then your box is closed!

To find all of these ‘hints’ head over to Sherri’s Instagram, @momhint.

There’s a pasta recipe that’s going viral on Tik Tok, so of course Lori Taylor, The Produce Mom, had to try it and throw in some extra veggies! She also shared some great recipes using one of her favorite citrus fruits, oranges!

For the Love of Citrus

One Dish Wonders