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Tim Shurr, top hypnosis coach, joined us today to share how you can “triumph over trauma,” no matter what that looks like for you.

Main Points:

1. Unconscious beliefs produce unhealthy problems

2. Upgrade traumatic beliefs and symptoms disappear 

3. Retrain your brain to experience security and inner peace

Tim is releasing a new online program for triumphing over trauma tomorrow called, “The Awakening.”

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Now that life is starting to return to normal after the pandemic, Tim Shurr, Corporate Leadership Speaker and Human Behavior Expert says many of his clients are complaining about procrastination and not being able to motivate themselves to get things done, like plant the garden or clean the house.

He joined us today with tips to get motivated enough to beat procrastination!

3 Tips For Getting Stuff Done!

1. Focus on the positive outcome.

2. Break BIG goal into small steps.

3. Make it FUN!

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