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It’s becoming increasingly common for women to travel solo. The stigma of an unaccompanied female has diminished, and more women are reaping the benefits of setting off on their own. 

Seven Corners, a global travel insurer, released data in spring 2022 showing that one of the greatest concerns of Americans traveling this summer was the rising cost of travel.

For women traveling alone, the cost of travel can be felt differently than when traveling as a family. Rather than worrying about the expense of 4+ tickets to a theme park, the concern could be based on up charges for accommodations for a single occupant. It can also be more difficult to find cost-effective transportation. 

Becky Hart of Seven Corners joined us Tuesday on “Life. Style. Live!” to share advice to help solve the common issues women who choose to travel alone face

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Portland, OR 

Malta, Crete 

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