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There are a few DIY ways you can keep your home cool during the summer heat, but there are also a few things you may want to leave to the professionals. Renee of LCS Heating & Cooling has the details for both!

DIY Tips:  

  1. Use your thermostat wisely by setting it as high as comfortably possible in the summer, ideally 75 degrees or higher.  Do not set high temperature swinging programs.
  2. Use fans with your A/C, while fans do not produce cool air they help push down and circulate the cool air from your air conditioning system.
  3. Close the blinds or drapes in the daytime to keep out the greenhouse effect of the sun.
  4. Avoid the oven, working with a conventional oven can add unwanted heat to your home.
  5. Trim plants and trees away from the a/c unit so it doesn’t affect air flow.

Bring a Professional in for the following:

  1. Whole-house dehumidifier- removes humidity and allows you to keep the thermostat at a higher setting.
  2. Solar Powered Attic Fan:  Removes heat from the attic, taking the heat load off the second floor.
  3. Air cleaners & UV lights:  Helps with allergies!

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