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Event and travel services under one roof? That sounds like a dream come true, right?

Brandy Ferguson, travel agent, owner and lead wedding planner for Love4Traveling and Living in the Moment Events, joined us today to share how her companies can be a one-stop-shop to make beautiful experiences happen for you when it comes to both events and travel.

Brandy says, “We are Indy’s newest event/travel venue. We are planning experts for any wedding or event, and all your travel needs. The cool thing about us is we are under one roof. We are your one stop destination. We would like to plan your engagement dinner, wedding ceremony and/or reception, then send you on your honeymoon, working with one team for all your needs!” 

The duo business is conveniently located off of 71st and Binford, very close to I-69. 

Love4traveling, LLC. has been in business since 2017. Then they launched Living in the Moment Events in 2020 during COVID because people needed intimate setups at home, so they planned events for people to still celebrate, but safely. 

This year, they officially opened a venue to host events and celebrations.

“We truly believe our clients should get to live in the moment and not worry about the small details,” Brandy says.

Take a look at some of their past trips and events below:

Past Trips | Love4Traveling, LLC

Gallery | Living in the Moment Events | Indianapolis

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You can also follow: @Love4traveling on all social media, and contact: with any inquiries.

With just a few weeks left of the busy summer travel season, the coming weeks and Labor Day weekend mark the last-chance getaway for many Americans. Jeanenne Tornatore, travel expert, joined us today with the top Labor Day Weekend destinations, and for travelers that haven’t yet booked their Labor Day weekend getaway, advice on and affordable trips you can still snag late into the summer as the holiday weekend approaches.

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Things are opening up in the world, and travel is growing with leaps and bounds.

That’s why John and Ann Craig-Cinnamon, The Travel Leaders, joined Patty Spitler of Great Day TV on Indy Style today with travel tips you need to know about.

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It’s Women’s History Month, making it an even better time to support women-owned small businesses! So many moms have a side-hustle to motherhood right now, and today we were joined by Brittney Usrey, founder of fly girl box and mommy extraordinaire. Here’s more from her:

We are a monthly subscription box featuring travel essentials for the adventurer who lives a travel inspired life. We set out to find travel friendly essentials to make adventuring easier. Whether you’re traveling by air or by car, this is for you! Our Deluxe Box features 5 travel items and our Mini Box includes 3.

Each item inside a Flygirl Box is hand-curated by a flight attendant. Choose between a Deluxe Box with five travel essentials or a Mini Box with three. Items include snacks, travel-sized toiletries, lunchbox and purse accessories and other travel gadgets.

If you’d like to support Brittany in her goal to win USA Today’s “10 Best Subscription Box for Travelers” contest, vote here. The contest ends on March 29th.

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If you’re considering some upcoming travel, we want to be the ones to get you fully prepared! Today we were joined by Katie Awwad, travel agent with Magnified Vacation Cruiseone. She planned Annessa’s family vacation from start to finish, and knows tons of travel secrets! Here are a few from her:

1) Have a plan even more now!

Know the restrictions of the area you are traveling to. Find out what is open. What is needed for you to get there? Do you need a covid test prior? Do you get covid tested to travel back home?Testing is huge for oversea travel.There are some all inclusive resorts that are offering free testing prior to leaving. That is super helpful because if not then you need to find a place in a foreign land!

Even if driving you need to know what each state restrictions are. Traveling with kids you have to know when you can stop and let them go the bathroom!

If you are doing Disney then know everything that is needed. Park reservations are a must! This is why you need an agent! They will help you!

2) Book early!

Because of restrictions on hotels ( cheaper hotels at disney or the ones that sleep 5), park attendance ( hint Epcot and Animal Kingdom are only park open for spring break now) and restrictions on accommodations ( Disney Dinning)  you need to book early. Slim chance if you can make a last minute trip work especially for Disney. There are so many moving parts and limited capacity. Once things are filled up then you have missed out. People are eager to start traveling so things are booking up faster than normal. Private condos or cabins are really selling out fast.

3) BUY travel protection!

I can not guarantee that whatever happens will be covered but having protection is worth it. These trips are an investment. You need to protect that and the what ifs. I am now requiring my clients that cruise and do international travel to buy protection. We learned the hard way in 2020.

4) Be flexible!

There are so many things that are unpredictable. Booking a trip plan on changes. Plan on following all the rules at the given location. Those restrictions will change! Plan to look at restrictions a week before your travel again! Things will change! Plan on wearing a mask. Plan on time changes on flights. Plan on not waking up in time for that first bus at Disney making you later to start you day.

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Take a trip around the world with some amazing wine and food pairings. Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington, travel expert highlights wines from around the world that are perfect for fall options and tips on the destination it hails from, so you can start planning your next wine-themed vacation, while enjoying it at home for now.


California wines are a perfect option for doing a wine tasting or celebrating… and when we do get to go back to travelling, it’s not too far away, so it can make for an easy long weekend filled with wine, amazing weather and some gorgeous views. 

I picked this from California’s prominent wine region – Napa Valley –  it’s a premium pick Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon which means it’ll be more full-bodied than a Pinot Noir and so it opens with flavours of intense dark berries, cocoa, and espresso aromas layered by spice and herb complexity. It’s on the higher end, so it deserves to be paired with something extra special. 

To pretend you’re in Napa Valley, elevate your wine tasting by adding in some strawberries. I took it up a notch and made these balsamic parmesan strawberry bites, you can get the recipe on California strawberries are hitting their peak season right now, so it’s a great way to extend summer for us, and it’s a great way to really feel like you’re doing a real wine tasting. 


NZ is known for having some of the most incredible wines and having some of the most breathtaking vineyards in the world. For being a small island it has stunning views.

Right from Marlborough in beautiful New Zealand comes this Kim Crawford Pinot Noir.

Kim Crawford is well-known for their #1 selling Sauvignon Blanc, which is incredible and such an easy drinking wine, but I also wanted to show you this Pinot Noir. It’s a cool-climate Pinot Noir which means it offers classic flavours of black cherry and raspberry with some earth notes. 

This is one that would go great with a roasted lamb or meat dish, a hearty risotto, really anything that is earthy and rustic lends to that NZ feeling. 


I know a lot of us are dreaming of that European vacation and maybe a little time in the south of France, known for their incredible red wine production. This wine I picked comes from France’s Languedoc region which sees more sunny days than most of the country, making it ideal for growing ripe, rich versions of cabernet sauvignon grapes. 

Felix & Lucie’s Cabernet Sauvignon delivers earthy flavours and aromas of cocoa, black fruit and rosemary so serve it with beef brisket or robust stews. Try pairing this with dark chocolate or a full French meal to feel like you’re actually in France.


My ideal wine trip would be to Italy… I was there not long before the pandemic and I have to say, I have never met a Chianti I didn’t like! There’s an ease about doing wine tours in Italy… things move slower and you can really take your time to enjoy. 

Italian red wines are always so delicious and this one is no exception – this is one from Tuscany and it’s one of the most recognized Tuscan wines in the world. Ruffino’s Chianti is one of the top selling Chiantis in North America and boasts flavours of red berries, cherries with spicy notes and even a touch of pepper. 

And make it a full-on Italian experience with some Parmigiano-Reggiano, olives, marinated artichokes and more.


Portugal may not always be on the top of wine destinations, but I’m here to change your mind! Porto’s Douro Valley is where the world famous sweet Port wine is created. And also where some other great wines are mastered too. If you get a chance to visit Porto, do at least a day trip on the Douro river with stops at the vineyards and wineries.

I selected two uniquely Portugese wines to try. First, Port… and I say go for a white Port like this by Fonseca if you’re not a fan of fortified wines. It’s not as sweet and intense and works perfectly for a Port & Tonic (a spin on a classic Gin & Tonic) with orange slices and rosemary. It has oaky flavours and a bit of fruitiness. You can also try out a Verde wine, or a “green wine”… it’s not really “green” in colour, it just means it’s a very young and not aged long, and is a classic Portuguese take on a white wine. 

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