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Today’s Trivia Tuesday theme is the Indiana State Fair!

The trivia questions the hosts answered are listed below. Watch along and see if you guess correctly.


When and where did the first Indiana State Fair take place?

A. 1892, Indiana State Fairgrounds

B. 1852, Military Park

C. 1842, Indianapolis Motor Speedway

There are five other cities that have hosted the state fair. Which is NOT one of them?

A. Terre Haute

B. Muncie

C. Fort Wayne

Which food is new at the state fair this year?

A. Deep Fried Cheese on Stick

B. Deep Fried Oreos

C. Deep Fried Ice Cream

Which famous music group has NOT performed at the fair?

A. The Rolling Stones

B. The Jackson Five

C. The Beatles

This year’s fair theme is…

A. Celebrating the Hoosier Spirit

B. Fun at the speed of summer

C. Heroes in the Heartland