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Today’s Find Faith segment focuses on, UNITE INDY, a group dedicated to helping their brothers and sisters throughout the inner city of Indianapolis.

Jim Cotterill, UNITE INDY president, joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” to share more about their mission and their need for volunteers. Here’s more from him:

UNITE INDY was founded to raise awareness and resources to meet needs of those in inner city Indianapolis.  

UNITE INDY mobilizes volunteers, expertise and other resources on behalf of urban churches, ministries and other charities that are struggling to meet the ever-growing needs of those they serve. 

UNITE INDY is raising up an army of volunteers to love on our urban brothers and sisters by giving their time and sharing their talents. Others participate by providing needed goods or financial support that is passed on by UNITE INDY to deserving urban churches, ministries and other charities. 


Connecting hearts, minds and hands to meet needs in our community.

Cotterill built the first (and only) job site,, just for reentrants in Central Indiana, helping them to get paid a good wage through understanding employers, who work with us and the courts allowing these folks to get to meetings with parole people, take the time off to get required drug tests, etc. and still keep their jobs.  

The reentrant employees are met with good will, help, direction and patience. Due to a study UNITE INDY sponsored at the Lacy School of Business at Butler University, we have statistical proof that those returning from long term incarceration make good employees — as good as those with no criminal record.  

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