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The word vaccination is being thrown around a lot lately, and it may be leaving a lot of kids confused. Rick Crosslin, scientist in residence for MSD Wayne Township, joined us today with a little history on how we discovered vaccination and how they work. He explained it all in a kid-friendly way using a toy castle and dragon. Watch the video above to see the full segment.

Key Points:

Watch the full version of his scientific explanation on Rick’s Youtube channel here.

Children 12 and older can now receive the COVID-19 vaccine according to CDC guidelines. Dawn Moore, chief pharmacy officer for the Community Health Network joined us today with what parents and young people need to know about the vaccine. 

Community Health Network finds that some kids are eager to be vaccinated, but parents are hesitant; or parents want their children vaccinated, but teens are hesitant. Plus, they are likely to be on social media, where there is a lot of misinformation.

There is a schedule of vaccine clinics taking place at their partner schools all summer long.

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For more information about myocarditis and the COVID-19 vaccine, check out this information from the CDC:


As more and more people get vaccinated, something you may be wondering is, what how your life and interactions will change as things get back to “normal.”

Dr. John Christenson, medical director of infection prevention for Riley Children’s Health and Sarah Waddle of AARP joined us today to share how should I act around my vaccinated friends/family, children under 12, non-vaccinated people and large crowds/gatherings.
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Much of the Latinx population has been hesitant to get vaccinated, according to Brandon Yohn, DO, family physician, at the Community Health Network. He joined us today to share what’s been preventing some people in that community from getting vaccinated, where people can go to get vaccinated soon and more.

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Top of mind for so many of us right now is all things COVID-19, the vaccine and how it affects us.

Dawn Moore, chief pharmacy officer for the Community Health Network joined “Indy Style” on Tuesday to explain more about how they’re helping more people get vaccinated every day.

Moore also talked about the latest update of the FDA recommendation to pause distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Here is more from Moore:

(WISH) – The American Medical Association (AMA) is urging people to get a flu shot this year.

Governor Eric Holcomb shared a video of himself getting vaccinated. He tweeted that getting the shot is one of the best things you can do to help protect yourself and others from getting sick.

The AMA is warning flu season will clash with the COVID-19 pandemic. The medical group is recommending everyone 6-months and older to get vaccinated against the flu.

Flu activity increases in October and most often peaks between December and February, but it can last as late as May.

AMA President Dr. Susan Bailey said it’s more important than ever to get the shot as the flu shares many similar symptoms to coronavirus and to preserve scarce health care resources during the pandemic.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has created an online tool to help patients find nearby places to get vaccinated.