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The need never takes a break, but unfortunately, blood donors often do during the summer months due to people taking vacations and other factors.

Penny Schoeder, area vice president of Versiti Indiana, joined us Monday on “Life. Style. Live!” to discuss the vital need for blood donations.

About Versiti Blood Center of Indiana:

Versiti is a fusion of donors, scientific curiosity, and precision medicine that recognize the gifts of blood and life are precious. 

We are home to the world-renowned Blood Research Institute, we enable life saving gifts from our donors, and provide the science behind the medicine through our diagnostic laboratories. 

Versiti brings together outstanding minds with unparalleled experience in transfusion medicine, transplantation, stem cells and cellular therapies, oncology and genomics, diagnostic lab services, and medical and scientific expertise. This combination of skill and knowledge results in improved patient outcomes, higher quality services and reduced cost of care for hospitals, blood centers, hospital systems, research and educational institutions, and other health care providers. 

At Versiti, we are passionate about improving the lives of patients and helping our healthcare partners thrive.

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