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Kid-ing with Kayla — There are a number of reasons one of your socks can go missing. WISH-TV Specialty Content Creator Kayla Sullivan said she’s always experienced this issue but when she had a kid, it happened more often!

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So, where do socks actually go? Sometimes, they are still in the washer! In top-loading machines socks can get stuck in the pole in the middle or under the wash plate. If you overload the washer, as Kayla Sullivan admittedly does often, the socks could also be in the inner tube or outer tub of the machine. The dryer can also “eat” your socks! There’s a small space between the dryer door and the drum that can catch socks as well as the lint trap! If it’s not in your laundry machines, it could also be lost under the bed, couch, in the car or your kid could have thrown it out the car window. Kayla Sullivan can confirm that happens!

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