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Kid-ing with Kayla: Many parents might think limiting access to candy is healthiest for children but a registered dietician told Kayla Sullivan that isn’t the best technique. Charne Gross said we need to focus on neutralizing our relationship with candy and other foods that may not be considered the healthiest.

“The goal isn’t to get our kids to eat less. We want to focus on allowing them to have a healthier relationship with it. That means we don’t have major meltdowns when we can’t have it or on the other extreme sneak it, which often happens,” said Gross. “It’s a very different outlook from what diet culture teaches us.”

She compared it to dating. When you first start a relationship with someone you want to be with them all of the time and eventually, you get to a point where you are used to it and don’t crave unhealthy amounts. That is the ultimate goal with candy.

Gross suggests putting a little bit of that leftover Halloween candy on the plate right next to healthier options. You shouldn’t save it as a treat if they eat all of their healthy food because always having it as an option makes it less desirable.

TikTok and Instagram creator Shannon Lanier (@MrShannonLanier) shared this video joking about his November diet.

However, Gross said parents should also indulge and eat candy with their kids to demonstrate this healthy relationship with candy.

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