If your toilet was overflowing would you know what to do?

Your dog has figured out how to lift the toilet seat and turned your toilet into his favorite water bowl. But is that safe?

If you have a basement or crawl space you likely have a sump pump, but have you ever tested it?

Do you how to set the temperature on your water heater? What is a pop off valve?

Has your family been reduced to 2 minute showers because there is never enough hot water to go around?

It doesn't matter what kind of water softener you have or how old it maybe, if something goes wrong, do you know what you can do to keep your water flowing?

Do you have a smelly drain that is stinking up the whole house??

While that clogged drain in your bathroom may be giving you fits, reaching for a caustic drain cleaner my not be your best choice.

Locally-owned, family-operated, 100% genuine licensed plumbers in Indianapolis

Carter’s My Plumber is a 3rd generation family-owned plumbing company located in Greenwood, Indiana, providing plumbing service to the Indianapolis area!

When should you call a plumber?

We are a local, family-owned plumber with licensed plumbers to meet the plumbing needs of every homeowner. We have over 49 years of plumbing experience. We have clean plumbers who are sincere and courteous. We only send someone to your home who we would want in our home.

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If you need a repair or replacement of any plumbing item such as a water heater, water softener, outside hose spigot, garbage disposal, clogged drain, toilet or faucet, leaky pipes, drain leaks, gas logs, gas lines, tubs, showers, tankless water heaters, camera’s for drain lines, septic or well repairs or any other plumbing problem, you can call our friendly staff at Carter for plumbing service today!

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