Did you know the air inside your home is more polluted than what's outside? If your family is frequently ill, you may just have a sick home. There is an easy test to find out

If you have mold in your crawl space, you have a health hazard. Putting down a new moisture barrier may be just what you need.

Do you know what mold looks like and what to do if you find it? If you find Mold, you have to work fast before it damages your home and affects your health.

Did you know you can have odors permanently removed from your home? OK, maybe not your kids sneakers but pet odor, tobacco, paints, those really awful ones.

Radon Gas in Indiana is no joke and nearly 1 in 3 homes is estimated to have higher than recommended levels. You can't see it, smell it or taste it but it can cause lung cancer.

If you have a system in your home to expel Radon gas how do you know if it is still working?

If you live in Indiana, your home may be sitting on top of dangerous, radio-active Radon gas. There is only one way to find out

So you notice a little water seeping in through your basement walls. No big deal right? Wrong! Water can cause major structural damage while providing a breeding ground for mold and other unhealthy biological concerns.



Your home should be a safe place especially when it comes to breathing. Your business should be a place where you can work comfortably. With Pure Air Environmental, they can be! Our experienced team can test for radon and mold, or provide remediation services relating to radon, mold, bacteria, volatile organic compounds and odors both efficiently and quickly so you can breathe air as PURE as nature intended.

Pure Air Environmental was formed in October 2013 with a passion to empower customers with knowledge and information to assist them in protecting their family, business and property from indoor air quality threats. Our “golden rule” philosophy has taken our small, family-owned business from its humble beginnings and steadily increased our satisfied customer base year after year. Our foundation has been built exclusively on satisfied client referrals one healthy home at a time.

Our commitment to quality and customer service has consistently won awards from our real estate affiliation with F.C. Tucker. We have been their “Best in Class” Radon Mitigation winner consistently since 2014. In addition, we have been chosen as an overall “Top Twelve” Company from more than 350 vendors across all trades for three consecutive years. In 2017, we were selected as the overall “Company of the Year” across all trade vendors.

Unlike most companies, which specialize in only one or two services, Pure Air can offer solutions for multiple indoor air quality concerns. Our approach allows us to offer a more comprehensive analysis with multiple solutions. Poor indoor air quality can create respiratory, circulatory and other health-related issues. We are invested in protecting your business, your home, your family and more importantly, your health!

Watch this short introductory video about our PURADIGM technology.                

Applicable in healthcare environments, nursing homes, grocery stores, food processing, hospitality, athletic facilities, schools, child care facilities, office buildings and residential settings. Reductions of 99.9% of harmful pathogens such as C-diff, Staph, MRSA, Listeria, Legionella, Influenza and Common Cold viruses. Eliminate cross-contamination. Reduce mold, mildew and negative odors. Extend the shelf life of produce, meat, seafood and floral. Validated by Kansas State University with 99.9% reductions.

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