Poor equilibrium or dizziness can fall into two different categories. Here are the differences and how physical therapy can help remedy the symptoms.

Shoulder pain can be caused by issues with the tendons, joint or muscles. Here are common causes of shoulder pain and the benefits of physical therapy to ease the pain.

Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis? Check out the causes of the pain how physical therapist treat it.

Here’s what may be causing that pain in your neck and how it can be treated with physical therapy.

Knee pain can slow you down. There are many reasons for the knee pain and discomfort. The knee is an intricate joint that may have many causes for pain.

Have ever felt pain while you were sleeping or after sitting for a long period of time? Here are some options to treat this pain.

What is dry needling and how the therapy benefits people experiencing tight muscles, tension headaches or migraines?

There are four common causes of back pain. Back pain sufferers can benefit from physical therapy.

About Us

Fast Track Physical Therapy is locally-owned and operated with locations in Avon, Speedway and coming soon to Danville. At Fast Track, with our highly skilled therapists and great business model we are able to give the best care with excellent results and our patients have nothing but phenomenal things to say about us. All appointments are 60 minutes for each patient to give patients all they need.

Our therapists are certified in multiple hands on manual therapy techniques including being the most experienced in dry needling. Along with manual therapy we provide exercises and other treatments, education and communication to get the results that others don’t.

At Fast Track we specialize in back pain, neck pain and headaches, SI joint dysfunction, joint pain and all orthopedic conditions. As well as TMD/TMJ issues, vertigo and balance.

Our dedicated team is proud to serve Hendricks Co. and the Indianapolis area. You can choose where to go for physical therapy, why not choose the best! Call or visit us on our website.

What Makes Us Different

  • We are open 7am-7pm Monday – Friday
  • We are a hands-on manual therapy based clinic
  • You do not need a physicians’ referral to see us
  • Cost of Care, less expensive at a private practice vs hospital/national company
  • We accept most all insurances
  • Patient education is provided at each visit
  • We are the most experienced in Dry Needling in the area with multiple levels of certifications
  • Continuing education is a high priority to us, so we are always keeping up on new techniques to provide the best care and get the best outcomes

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