When thinking about buying a house, how important is your credit score and what else do lenders look at when qualifying you for a mortgage?

How do you start saving for a house when you have student loans, credit cards and other debt to manage?

Who should you call if you turn the water on and nothing happens?

What do you do when the thermostat is set to a certain temperature, and you hear the system running, but your house isn’t cooling off or warming up?

Suddenly you have no hot water. What do you do? Who do you call?

How do you identify an affordable mortgage loan?

Do you know how much money you will would need as a down payment on an affordable mortgage loan?

Do you know the four different parts of a mortgage payment?

For more than 30 years, the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership® (INHP) has been dedicated to long-term, successful homeownership and thriving, sustainable neighborhoods.

We prepare low and moderate-income people for homeownership through homebuyer education, advising and lending.

We also collaborate with community and neighborhood partners to invest in the places where INHP homebuyers chose to live by providing thought leadership, technical assistance, research and financial support.

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