Misusing fireworks means trouble with insurance claims

Fireworks and property damage

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Most insurance policies, according to the Indiana Department of Insurance, will not cover damage you caused by using illegal fireworks and you could have trouble with claims from the misuse of legal fireworks.

In a matter of a few seconds anyone, with a few dollars in their pocket can send a projectile into the sky with the hopes nothing catches fire when gravity takes over.

According to the State of Indiana nearly 40% of all fireworks injuries will happen on the Fourth of July. Most of the injuries occur on private property.

News 8 found Lucky Luccica with his children wrapping up some last-minute fireworks shopping.

“This is my first year doing this so I’m gonna try it out,” said Luccica.

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Luccica is new to Indianapolis so finding an acceptable and properly designated area to shoot fireworks could be a challenge.

An Indianapolis city ordinance requires people to shoot fireworks from their own property or a designated area, Luccica said he was going to shoot them off at his apartment complex, hoping he wouldn’t get into trouble.

Fireworks are only allowed to be set off in marked areas or on private property. Failure to follow these rules could result in fine.

If you knowingly misuse legal fireworks on private property and cause damage, the Indiana Department of Insurance warns you could be on the hook for damages.