Marketplace scams and crime on the rise

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Crimes often associated with Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist have been on a steady rise over the last few months – and are expected to peak this Holiday Season. You can thank the economy and COVID-19 stay-at-home orders for a shift from traditional brick & mortar stores to on-line sales volume.

DeliverEnd, a local Indy company, is poised to reduce the risks often associated with these marketplace transactions. Similar to Uber and Lyft, DeliverEnd has a network of vetted drivers that can facilitate the transaction between buyer and seller.

Their 5-star rated iPhone app contains all the tools you need to seamlessly and safely arrange for the exchange of items.

Some of the most beneficial features of the app are:

● A live video chat, where both buyer and seller can discuss item condition, price, and ask any questions.

● It keeps all your personal information masked behind your username, so no need to worry about your credit card or address information getting into the hands of a stranger.

● The safe and secure payment process (delivered via Stripe) allows the buyer and seller to easily exchange payments digitally. Once the exchange has been completed, the funds will be immediately released to the seller.

DeliverEnd is on a hyper-focused mission to reduce scams, assaults and thefts.

According to Nick Turner, Founder and CEO of DeliverEnd, “When we started, we saw there was a big untapped market when it came to keeping people safe when buying and selling on platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace,” he said. “The pandemic caused even more people to turn to marketplace platforms to make ends meet. COVID has made it incredibly hard for people and businesses, and we are here to help both.”

DeliverEnd has been gaining massive attention over the last few months. They recently hit an impressive company milestone in delivering their 100,000th item.

Investors from Silicon Valley all the way to the North Eastern part of the country are taking note.

DeliverEnd expects to rapidly expand to 20 of the largest markets over the next few months, and has hired some of the best and brightest talent to help with the rapid growth.

Lastly, DeliverEnd is also quickly ramping up their B2B services. The pandemic has been very unkind to smaller local businesses who may not have had a strong eCommerce and logistics network to continue serving their customers amid shutdowns.

By giving these smaller shops an easily-scalable and cost-effective delivery solution, some businesses that may have been on the verge of closing are now able to bring in revenue.

For more information, visit DeliverEnd.com.


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