Early fall preview, but for how long?

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The “dog days” of summer have been anything but to open the month of August.

So far, three out of the four days this month have produced high temperatures below 80°. The average high for early August is typically around 83°.

To put that in perspective, Tuesday’s highs in the mid 70s are more typical of what we would see in the later portions of the month of September.

You will really feel that early fall feel during the early morning hours on Wednesday, as lows dip to the lower to middle 50s. It’s been a while since we’ve been that cool. You have to go back to June 1 for the last time we had a temperature at 55° or lower.

But how long will this more refreshing air stick around? Unfortunately, not long. We’ll likely see temperatures jumping back to the middle 80s by this weekend and beyond. Both the 6-10 day outlook and the 8-14 day outlook call for a high probability for above-average temperatures, taking us into the middle of the month.