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Starlink satellites visible over central Indiana for the next few nights

Ryan Starlink 9/25

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Be sure to look to the sky over the next few nights. Starlink will be visible multiple times in central Indiana. All three passes will occur at roughly the same time on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Monday’s pass will likely be the best opportunity to see the weird string of lights this week. Mostly clear skies will be in place as the satellites will be visible only for 4 minutes starting around 8:36 p.m. first appearing in the northwest skyline.

It’s worth noting that all times are approximate and for Indianapolis. This is because the orbit of the satellites can change which disrupts the exact timing. Their website FindStarlink will also show you times it will be visible for exact cities that aren’t Indianapolis.

Cloud coverage across central Indiana will be more prevalent on Tuesday night and Wednesday night, but you never know. Wednesday night’s pass of Starlink will be the highest in the sky with a maximum height of 76 degrees. If somehow, some breaks in the clouds work in then this would be the most visible pass.

Starlink is operated by SpaceX. It is a constellation of low Earth satellites used to bring internet to consumers around the globe. We can only see the Starlink satellites on their way up into orbit after they launch. The full launch schedule can be viewed here.

A picture of Starlink taken over Indianapolis in April 2020, courtesy: Samantha Pezzute
File-In this photo taken May 6, 2021, with a long exposure, a string of SpaceX StarLink satellites passes over an old stone house near Florence, Kan. The train of lights was actually a series of relatively low-flying satellites launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX as part of its Starlink internet service earlier this week. (AP Photo/Reed Hoffmann, File)