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Temperatures start to creep up once again


Sunset: 8:17 PM

Get ready for a comfortable summer evening. While not as cool as the last few evenings thanks to temperatures rising again, things could certainly start to feel a whole lot worse. A healthy dose of humidity looks possible moving into the rest of the weekend and next week. This will make the slightly humid night ahead just enough for the fall feeling nights of past to leave but doesn’t bring back the sweltering summer heat either. Low temperature around the upper 60s and skies remain mostly clear. A light breeze out of the southwest at 10 MPH helps keep us warm all night long.


Sunday we will see things warm back up again. Temperatures in the afternoon will likely spike up to 90 degrees and the humidity factor will be slightly higher. Daytime conditions remain mostly sunny, and winds remain out of the southwest at around 10 MPH. Rain chances are nil.

Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night looks warmer and more humid by a small step as well. Low temperatures tomorrow night will be around 70 degrees and skies will remain clear for the entire evening. Wind is still out of the southwest at around 10 MPH.


Monday will continue to feel pretty similar to the last few days, but we will have a few key chances. First of all, skies will become partly cloudy. The wind will also be slightly less strong. However, high temperatures will still reach around 90 degrees in the afternoon hours and the chances for rain will remain at zero.

8-Day Forecast

The next 8 days look a little wetter, but it still seems like chances of rain on those days are only about 20 percent. Temperatures remain around the 90-degree mark with humid conditions until an airmass change brings in less hot and wet conditions as we move towards next weekend.