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Rain moves in Saturday night and Sunday

INDIANAPOLIS(WISH) –Our nice sunny Saturday turns into a soggy Sunday. Sunshine made for a very pleasant Saturday even though temperatures were cool. The high of 57 was 14 degrees below average for May 8. We have only had two days without rain so far this May. And it looks like we will not make it to the end of Saturday without rain. Rain is expected in Central Indiana after about 9:00 or 10:00 this evening.

After a mostly sunny day, the skies over the downtown towercam started to get cloudy Saturday afternoon.

Temperatures were 10 – 12 degrees below average Saturday afternoon but it was still pleasant because of the sunshine we enjoyed most of the day.

We are tracking a large weather system to our west that will bring rainy weather Saturday night and Sunday.

By 9:00 or 10:00 PM tonight, FutureCast shows the first area of rain starting to move into Central Indiana. More will follow as we see off and on rain Saturday night.

Sunday morning temperatures stay warmer than Saturday morning with rain in the area and clouds overhead.

By early Sunday morning, Futurecast shows a fairly strong line of showers and thunderstorms moving in. No severe weather is expected but there will be lots of thunder and lightning and heavy rain at times.

Off and on showers and thunderstorms continue through most of the day Sunday. Notice the shift to North wind by 5:00 PM indicating a cold front moving through. Don’t forget the umbrella if you are taking Mom out on her day.

By late Sunday afternoon or evening our weather should start to dry out. cooler and drier air will start to move in for a couple of days.

By the time the rain does move out late Sunday, FutureCast indicates we could see up to 1.5″ of rain in spots.

Fortunately, our weather starts dry for awhile and we start to see a warming trend into the middle of next week.


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