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Terrific Tuesday around the corner, back to the 80s by midweek

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A beautiful Monday is going into the books as we received the benefit of nearby high pressure that led way to comfortable temps and no rain.

That same high pressure will be a focal point going forward in this forecast as it will warm us up a little bit.

Monday night: Enjoy a fantastic fall-like night under mostly clear skies. Winds will turn light as temperatures fall into the low 50s. Outlying areas may slip into the mid 40s.

Tuesday: Have the jacket on your way to work or school Tuesday morning as it will be chilly. This will be the start to our best weather day of the week as Tuesday overall will be bright and terrific temperature wise. Expect highs to work their way into the mid to upper 70s, so we’re talking near normal numbers for this time of the year tomorrow.

Wednesday: The high pressure that was mentioned at the beginning of this blog will create a bigger influence on the direction of our temperatures starting Wednesday. Highs will rise into the low 80s, but humidity values will not be in the uncomfortable range. So, we won’t have to worry about a factored heat index. We’ll also stay dry as well due to the high pressure.

8-Day Forecast: The warm and dry airmass hangs on through the end of the workweek with highs in the mid 80s. By the final full weekend of September, we could see a slight breakdown of the high pressure over us. This could allow for a few showers to enter our area on Sunday, but at this time, don’t expect much. We do need the rain nonetheless.